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She’s Gone

“So, why do you think she did it?”

Wade stared at the ground, his boot nudging a pebble out of the loose dirt, ground down by the tires on his truck. He knew what he could say, what he should tell his friend to shed some light on the situation, but he also knew he wouldn’t. So he waited, acting like he was forming an answer, but “I got nuthin’ ” is what finally rolled out. His answer frustrated Max.

“It doesn’t make sense…” His voice trailed off but the first cracks of emotion latched on the last word before he could shut it down.

Both men stood silently, giving space to the nature chorus, the croaking of hundreds of frogs along the edge of the river playing first chair. A plane flew overhead, it’s roar trailing the blinking lights on its wings by a few seconds. As its sound faded, the frogs gobbled up the gap and continued their accompaniment to the evening.

“That could be her, you know. On that plane, going somewhere.” Wade felt an obligation to say something, anything, to cut through the awkwardness.

“Yeah, it could. I think it’s her on every plane I see, even the ones on TV. All I know is she ain’t here.”

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