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Eating Boston: Day Five, Last Day

Day Five or We Gotta Go But We Still Gotta Eat…

Monday, September 30, 2013

Our flight home did not leave until mid-afternoon so that gave us a chance to do more shopping and eating. We returned to Newberry Street and retraced earlier steps, this time with the intent to purchase and with the savvy of veteran tourists, a far cry from our wide-eyed wonder five days previous. I bought some new shoes at the Dr. Marten store for my birthday and we spent a worshipful amount of time in the LuLu Lemon shop, watching Kyle and Shannon prepare themselves for comfortable workouts or lounging, whichever was easiest. With purchases in hand, we made our way to the Taj Boston, the sibling to the hotel we stayed in on an earlier trip to San Francisco, and sat for lunch in The Cafe. Knowing it was our last formal meal in the city, we all chose entrees that were a celebration of the culture. I ordered a bowl of clam chowder and a plate of fish and chips and, naturally, the final lobster roll was ordered as well. As much as we appreciate and respect the Indian heritage of the hotel, no one ordered Dal Makhani or Amritsari Chole. Maybe next time.

It was a relaxed lunch, successfully stretching out our final hour in Boston, and we agreed the Taj lobster roll did not unseat the brilliance that was The Yankee Lobster Company roll from Saturday. Thus say the council and thus may it ever be (at least until we return and try some more). After lunch we parted ways, Hope and I heading back to the Hotel Commonwealth to collect our luggage and take a cab to Logan Airport. The trip was officially over.

Or was it? With an early arrival at the airport, we decided to kill some time with a snack and a beer so I enjoyed one final Sam Adams Octoberfest on tap while eating tortilla chips and guacamole. We laughed at our gluttony and knew the payback would be intense and unforgiving as we folded back into our regularly scheduled societal responsibilities. But that was not until tomorrow. Today? Cheers!

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